Singing for young and old


Singing for pleasure or purpose?


* Get real confidence in your singing

* Learn to sing properly without straining your voice

* Get help with singing for weddings / exams / auditions / competitions

* Junior and  Leaving Certificate practicals, RIAM and ABRSM exams

  catered for

* Give a personalized gift voucher of some singing lessons as a present  

   to a friend        


Recommended by Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists to help singers and speakers recover from serious vocal problems, such as chronic lanryngitis and vocal cord nodules, and to return to a free, effortless and confident use of their voices.


   Sport coach?



               Public speaker?




What is the one thing all these people have in common?

They all have to use their voices every day to be able to work.


Speech training makes sure that you can keep your job and still have enough voice left to go clubbing at night as well!      

* Give your child an early introduction to music

* Get the professional help your child needs for Junior or Leaving

  Certificate  practicals or Grade exams

* Go back to the piano playing you used to love so much

* Accompany yourself on the keyboard

* Give a personalized gift voucher of some lessons as a present  to a  



Theory and History of Music

* Learn to read and write music

* Get help with aural tests and sight reading

* Understand rhythm and harmony

* Form a better understanding of different composers through the study

  of their history

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Formerly in Cork City, Fermoy or in the studio at home,

all teaching, due to Covid-19, will be presently

given online, until further notice.

Please see the Online page of this website.