Teaching online:

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020 has prompted Hilary to investigate teaching and coaching online.

She has now set up a digital studio which not only facilitates vocal coaching for Singing and Speech Training, but also Piano and Music Theory lessons.  


Though born of neccessity, this initiative, has since proved to have distinct advantages for both teacher and student.


Apart from the obvious lack of travel costs and time-loss for students in Ireland, Hilary is now able to offer her services internationally. Furthermore, video-conferencing enables students to observe themselves at work during a coaching session and also to record sessions for further analysis afterwards.  


Hilary initiates lessons with a Trial Run, free-of -charge, to check internet connections, devices and audio settings, after which an appointment for lessons can be agreed upon.  

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Extract from a singing lesson

given online

by Hilary Reynolds

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